Nelson Mandela

At the passing away of Nelson Mandela the Norwegian Nobel Committee has issued the following statement:

Nelson Mandela is one of the greatest names in the long history of the Nobel Peace Prize. He was honored in 1993 together with his counterpart president F. W. de Klerk for their work for a peaceful end to the apartheid regime and for having laid the foundation for a new democratic South Africa. They both showed great personal integrity and political courage by choosing the road of negotiation and reconciliation. Most of the credit for this undoubtedly goes to Nelson Mandela who after 27 years in prison chose to focus on the possibilities of the future instead of the horrors of the past. As the president of the new South Africa, Mandela pointed the way towards human rights and democracy, appealing to generations all over the world. His work presents a message also today to all those who bear responsibility for apparently unresolvable conflicts: Even the most bitter of conflicts can be solved by peaceful means. It is with deep gratitude the Norwegian Nobel Committee pays tribute to Mandela’s historic contribution to the realization of the high ideals in Alfred Nobel’s will.

Oslo, Norwegian Nobel Committee, 6 December, 2013.