Media information

updated 03.11.2016

Press Centre

Address: Klingenberggata 5, Oslo (3 min walk to City Hall)
Opening hours (all times in CET):
Friday 8 December 12:00 - 20:00
Saturday 9 December 08:00 - 20:00
Sunday 10 December 08:00 - 16:00
See Google maps.

The ‘Nobel Press Centre’ is located at NIPS – Norwegian International Press Centre, and is open to both Norwegian and international media during the Nobel days. Wi-Fi is available.
All media receiving accreditation to the Press Conference and/or Award Ceremony need to register and pick up their accreditation badge at the NIPS Nobel Press Centre.

Media Accreditations

Accredited media is requested to pick up their accreditation badge at the NIPS Nobel Press Centre.
Foreign media: please bring valid presscard and passport.
Norwegian media: please bring valid presscard and photo ID.

The accreditation badge and photo ID/passport should be presented at entrances and/or to event and security personnel wherever necessary.
NB there is no general accreditation or badge valid for all Nobel events in Oslo.

Press Conference with the Laureate

Norwegian Nobel Institute,
Friday 9 December at 13:00 - 13:50

  • Open for accredited media only.
  • Doors open at 11:00 CET and close at 12:15 CET.
  • Registration and security check of all equipment at entrance.
  • Please bring accreditation badge and photo ID.
  • Press conference is held in English only,
    with Q & A format.
  • No availability for individual interviews.
  • No restrictions regarding distribution.
  • Only pre-accredited vehicles allowed on premises.

Peace Prize Award Ceremony

Oslo City Hall,
Saturday 10 December 13:00 - 14:30 CET
Media room is open between 11:00 and 16:00 and offers Wi-Fi and a café/snack bar. Live coverage of the Ceremony via large screens, including head-sets in English, Spanish and Norwegian.

  • Press entrance from the Western Tower of the Oslo City Hall.
  • Doors open at 11:00 and close 12:30 CET.
  • No entrance for media after 12:30 CET.
  • Registration and security check of all equipment at entrance.
  • Please bring accreditation badge and photo ID.
  • Still photographers and reporters only.
  • Photo availability from the balustrade.
  • No availability for individual interviews.
  • All media leave City Hall via the same entrance as arrived – ie Western Tower.
  • Please note: only 1 still photographer and/or 1 reporter from each media outlet will be accredited to cover the Award Ceremony.

Award Ceremony photo pool

  • A photo pool will cover the Award Ceremony from the ground floor of the Main Hall.
  • By invitation only - Additional accreditation process required.

Award Ceremony - TV & Radio production, broadcast rights and distribution
NRK is the host broadcaster for the Award Ceremony in the Oslo City Hall. Recordings from the Gallery in the City Hall by other media outlets are not permitted. Nobel Media AB owns all rights and copyright to the material and distributes the program internationally to both TV and radio.

For information regarding international distribution please contact:
Allegra Grevelius at Nobel Media AB
Mobile: +46 707 39 71 14

For information regarding broadcast rights and distribution in Norway please contact:
Marit Moi at NRK International Relations / Eurovision
Mobile: +47 95 93 73 47

Award Ceremony - Commentary booths & Technical enquiries Commentary booths, live feed and technical enquiries please see
Broadcast rights & Tech info

Nobel Peace Prize Banquet

Grand Hotel Oslo, Saturday 10 December 19:00 CET
Banquet dinner honoring the Nobel Laureate
Photo pool – by invitation only

The Nobel Peace Prize Forum Oslo

The Oslo University Aula, Sunday 11 December 12:00-14:00 CET
Limited access for media – reporters only / photo pool
Apply for accreditation via email to by 30 November.

Nobel Peace Center events

Save the Children Peace Prize Party
Nobel Peace Center, Thursday 10 December at 11:00 CET.
Media is asked to apply for accreditation to this event. Accredited media need to register upon arrival to the Nobel Peace Center.
Press contact Kristin Sommerseth, Mobile (+47) 480 80 726

The Nobel Peace Center – an alternative way to follow the Award Ceremony
Media representatives are also welcome to the Nobel Peace Center where the Ceremony will be transmitted live on large screens to the general public on Saturday 10 December at 13:00. The Nobel Peace Center is located next to the Oslo City Hall, on the seaside.
‘Café Alfred’ is open and free Wi-Fi available.
No accreditation needed

Opening of the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Exhibition
Nobel Peace Center, Sunday 11 December at 16:45 CET
Limited access for media / photographers only.
Apply for accreditation via email to
Accredited media need to register at the Nobel Peace Center no later than 16:00
Press viewings of the 2016 Exhibition
Friday 9 December 10:00 –16:00 CET as per separate agreement.
Press contact Ingvill Bryn Rambøl (+47) 924 52 944,

Nobel Peace Prize Concert 2016

Telenor Arena, on Sunday 11 December at 19:00 CET.
For over 20 years, the Nobel Peace Prize Concert has been a musical celebration, honoring the year’s Nobel Peace Prize Laurate.
For more information about the Concert